Nahida Abdulhamid

Systems Analyst



Nahida Abdulhamid joined the Good Governance Institute (GGI) in July 2021 as a Research and Policy Intern. Prior to joining the GGI she has worked with various NGOs such as UNICEF, Minority Rights International Group, Education Partnership Africa and Numbi Arts.

Nahida has over three years’ experience in research; delivering, coordinating, advising and campaigning for critical programmes such as the quality of education, refugee rights, investment oversees, economic, political and social issues.

Nahida completed an MSc in Development Studies at The School of African and Oriental Studies. Her primary research has focused on challenging ‘the good-governance framework’ in the context of conflict and peace-building; looking at ways in which the framework can be re-defined and introduced as a developmental means to include non-state actors. She also holds a BA in Politics from Goldsmiths, University of London.

During her time at University, Nahida has volunteered in Calais, France with ‘SOAS Goes to Calais’. On this trip she has carried out frontline support with refugees and migrants in camps, and put on occasional musical and sport events. This experience has led Nahida to recognise the importance of diversity, inclusion, openness and accountability underpinning organisational purposes and its impact on trust and confidence. This has led Nahida to organise public meetings, interrogating and exploring third sector’s organisational structure in the hopes of finding possible solutions for an effective system.

Nahida’s broader interest includes politics of resistance, race and power, knowledge transformation, immigration, security and aid, developmental issues; and ways in which all these shape or form governance structures and systems.

Outside of work, Nahida is indulged in the art and photography world, taking various trips to art galleries, documenting and archiving Afro-Arab History.