Mary Newman

Urban IQ



Mary trained as an accountant to learn about business and as a civil servant to find out how the world works. Being relentlessly curious, she has worked in several different departments of state, including the Home Office, the Department for Culture, DfID DEFRA, the Scottish Office and the Department of Health. She has done some international work but not as much as she’d like.

Mary knows how to make policy, run an inclusive and meaningful consultation, negotiate, legislate, investigate, ensure a risk register is meaningful, and write a decent speech. She gets ideas by asking what specialists think and considering what that means for generalists.

She learned about governance, quality management and regulatory compliance by sponsoring large NDPBs, working with local government and working as a director in some large NHS service providers. She is most satisfied when finding what works to improve outcomes for people with specific needs and applying that understanding to practical effect. She is also an active trustee for a national charity.

Twitter: @marymarynewman

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