GGI advisory service

GGI provides an advisory service free of charge to all public and third-sector organisations and their boards.

To access the service, call us on 07732 681120 or email us at with brief details of the issue you would like to discuss. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

GGI advisory service

Good governance matters more than ever at times of unprecedented challenge. The disruption caused by COVID-19 left many boards facing a range of practical, ethical and strategic issues.

We offer all public sector bodies access to the best possible governance support and advice, to help address those issues.

This is an independent service, open to all members of all public sector boards as well as board secretaries and governance leads.

This initiative will also give us an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice across the public sector boards.

What’s included – and what isn’t

Under this offer, we will provide free advice on any governance-related matter your board or organisation faces.

The service includes providing one-to-one support via a phone call or virtual meeting for a maximum of two hours with one of our experts.

The advisory service is designed to provide high-level guidance and as such any review of documentation is not included in the free service. However, if needed we are able to provide advice on drafting complex and important briefings for the board or chair on all governance matters.

Process and boundaries

Your call or email will be logged and you will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours wherever possible. Your query will be forwarded to one of our subject matter experts and you will receive a detailed response.

This response may be in the form of a phone call or virtual meeting, a detailed email or a combination of these. In the case of a phone call or virtual meeting, we will organise this at your convenience.

The advice we provide is informed by current governance best practice and is based on our interpretation of wider guidance, legislation or regulations. For guidance on more complex and sensitive matters, we recommend seeking legal advice.

If you contact GGI, your details will be retained on our database and you will be added to the mailing list for our regular updates. Please let us know if you wish to be excluded. We will not pass on your information to any third parties and will process your information in line with GDPR compliance requirements and guidelines.

Access the GGI advisory service

How can we help?

What advice is available through the GGI free advisory service?

One of our subject matter experts will provide you with impartial and professional advice regarding a concern you may have. Remember, the free advisory service is provided to the public sector organisation in the UK and is not meant for issues of a personal and individual nature.

What is covered within the "free" offer?

It is subjective and queries we have received cover a broad range of topics. However, as a guide, we may offer you a free-of-charge phone call or virtual meeting with one of our experts to discuss your concerns or issues for up to two hours.

We will help you navigate through wicked governance issues that you may face, in line with best practice and the latest and most up to date knowledge.

How is my personal data and personal information stored and processed?

Confidentiality and information governance are very important to us. We process all information in line with our privacy policy (available on this website). Your information will not be shared, passed on or sold to any third party. We will secure your information on our databases which meet all industry requirements of data security. You can choose how we contact you. Just let us know and we will cease all contact with you.

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