Normi Cadavieco



Normi joined GGI in August 2022 as a consultant. Prior to joining GGI, she was Senior Governance Manager at a Clinical Commissioning Group, providing leadership on governance and risk for the CCG during a time of significant transition and unexpected challenges. She is passionate about improving people’s lives through innovation, creative thinking and collaboration.

She has nearly 15 years of experience in healthcare governance, with 8 years’ experience in the NHS including at a CCG, Commissioning Support Unit and a Foundation Trust. During this time, she developed and implemented agile governance processes to support organisational change, from formal mergers to large scale changes such as the transition from CCG to Integrated Care Board (ICB). She has worked closely with senior leadership and board members to ensure that good governance practices and compliance frameworks were embedded in the way that they did business. Prior to starting her NHS career, she worked in the non-profit social care sector in New York City as a case manager and a quality assurance specialist.

Normi has a particular interest in enterprise risk management and organisational risk culture, particularly the ways in which embedded risk management processes support achievement and growth.

Outside of work she enjoys maintaining an extensive exotic plant collection and transforming her English garden into a tropical paradise reminiscent of her native Florida.

Qualifications list:

BSc Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida

MSc Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida

Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) specialist Qualification in Health Service Governance

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