Festival of Governance 2021

Good governance because we can flip the script. Festival of Governance 2021. Flipping the script means turning an idea on its head and talking about it differently. In many ways the Festival of Governance has been flipping the script on governance since its inception in 2015.

Original thinking and the sharing of ideas is what our Festival of Governance is all about. This year contributors will explore how we can do better as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis. It’s now up to all of us to find new, creative ways through this crisis towards a brighter future for all.

Each year our festival revolves around a different theme, traditionally announced on Good Friday. This year our theme is Good governance because we can flip the script. Since our very first Festival of Governance in 2015, the Good Governance Institute has been ‘flipping the script’ on the role of good governance in society.

It’s a theme that resonates strongly in this extraordinary year, as our friends in the NHS, local authorities, third sector and higher education, seek ways to secure a better future with better outcomes for the people they are responsible to. The Festival of Governance celebrates their work.

After a year of unprecedented change, challenge and transformation there has never been a better nor more necessary time to rethink good governance and the crucial role it can and should play now.

Good governance award

Each year the Institute recognises the achievements that one person has made towards advancing good governance through the Good Governance Award.

Sir Michael Marmot has been announced the winner of our 2021 Good Governance Award in recognition of his extensive and dedicated work on health inequalities and evidence-based decision making.

Previous winners of the award have included Dame Janet Smith, Judge Mervyn King, Sir William Wells, Sir Liam Donaldson, Dame Julie Moore and Dame Fiona Caldicott.

These people have made the world a better and fairer place for everyone.

Festival review

The Festival Review is the Good Governance Institute’s annual report on the world of good governance. This document pushes our collective creativity to the edge.

​It is a printed document that every year reviews the scope of good governance and its influence on everyday life.

This year’s publication will examine a number of sectors related to NHS and other public or third sector organisations, looking beyond systems at health and wellbeing outcomes in every aspect of a person's existence.

The review is built by writers, artists, photographers, researchers, thought-leaders, designers, experts and editors to make for an impactful statement that can be both shared and treasured for generations to come.

Thank you all for your tremendous support in helping to plan and pull off the webinar. It went flawlessly and the discussion was great.

James Gutierrez

Chief of Quality, Safety and Patient Experience

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Thank you for including us in your Festival – we really enjoyed the sessions, especially the Allyship event.

Gary Bates

Client Relationship Director

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Creative Partner

Jaco is the creator and the creative force behind the Festival of Governance and the Festival Review.

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