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GGI helps to create a fairer, better world by supporting those who lead the organisations that are most integral to the success and wellbeing of our communities.

Since 2009, we have been helping empower leaders of organisations to reach their full potential, build fair systems that consider all, use evidence, be guided by a strong moral code and take the best decisions for those they serve.

Good governance of all organisations, from the smallest charity to the greatest public institution, benefits society as a whole. It helps to build a sustainable, better future for all.


GGI exists to create a fairer, better world.

Creating value beyond profit

At Good Governance Improvement, we help boards and leaders with governance reviews, systems work, investigations, board development, strengthening their governance and more.

We take a collaborative approach to everything we do. Find out more about our consultancy services.

Our value proposition centres on a steadfast commitment to generating enduring value, not just for today, but for the benefit of future generations. We recognise that the path to a better, fairer world is an ongoing journey. By furnishing organisations with open-source resources, we empower them to nurture ethical governance, fairness, and sustainability, leaving a lasting imprint on communities today and those yet to come.

GGI Development and Research LLP offers professional services on a fee basis. Our collaborative work with public and third sector organisations in the UK, funded by taxpayers and donors, underscores our belief in freely sharing best practice through our non-trading partner registered in Ireland.

The Good Governance Institute

The Good Governance Institute operates a significant corporate social responsibility programme both here in the UK and internationally that not only gives back to the sectors we support here in the UK, but provides access to open-source tools and materials, a free advisory service, regular webinars and the publication of insights, nationally and internationally.

At GGI, we are dedicated not only to delivering immediate value but also to creating a lasting legacy for a better, fairer world.

Every improvement journey starts with a review

We are known for our specialist governance improvement consultancy.

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