James Dennis

Head of Reporting
InHealth Group



James is a passionate Clinician, Experienced Educator and Transformational Senior Operational Manager with considerable experience of systemic problem-solving within complex corporate, procurement and clinical healthcare systems.

James is currently the Head of Reporting at Inhealth Group.

Since qualifying as a Diagnostic Radiographer in 2010 he has sought to develop an approach that removes traditional barriers between clinical, operational and educational silos within the sector, taking on Leadership & Advocacy roles that represented the breadth of the Allied Health & Scientific Professions within the structural introduction of the NHS Foundation Trust model.

The majority of James’ career has been spent delivering or supporting clinical, operational and strategic leadership at the coalface of service delivery within healthcare. As a certified Project Expert he utilises a range of best practice methodologies when coaching or consulting businesses through transformation and has undertaken a number of leadership and advisory roles around; the development of clinical apprenticeships, insourcing/outsourcing models for clinical services and role advancement within the Allied Health Professions.

His continued ambition is to develop future clinical leaders who are readily equipped to cross traditional professional silos, challenge preconceptions and delivery transformational change.

He holds special interests in healthcare workforce redesign, advanced clinical practice, research and education.

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