Vicki Sellick

Chief Partnerships Officer



Vicki is chief partnership officer at Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation. She is responsible for the foundation's work to build partnerships to scale good ideas across the UK and for the ‘Nesta group’, which includes a wide array of commercial enterprises and ventures Nesta has incubated to increase its impact alongside the charitable foundation.

Vicki is also Nesta’s lead for government innovation. In the last few years Nesta has supported more than 500 innovators and distributed more than £20m to test new forms of public service delivery. This includes supporting cities to trial new technologies, empowering local governments to redesign to become ‘people powered’ with the time and skills of citizens at the heart, partnering with national governments to establish testbeds for technology products for social good, and supporting governments in the UK and abroad to adopt anticipatory regulation ahead of widespread drone use.

Before joining Nesta, Vicki worked in local government, for charities and think tanks. She published 20 Tools for Innovating in Government: A Handbook for Practitioners (Sept 2019) as well as Funding Innovation: A Practice Guide to Making Money Work Harder (Nov 2018). She is a long-time advocate for the potential of people-powered public services and sits on the board of visionary Scottish charity Wevolution.

Twitter: @vsellick

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