Professor Glen O'Hara

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
Oxford Brookes University



Professor Glen O'Hara studied at Oxford University as an undergraduate and a postgraduate, where he won the Gladstone Prize for History and Politics.

After working as a journalist at The Independent, he moved back into academia at University College London, where he completed a PhD in 2002.

In 2001 he was appointed lecturer in economic history at the University of Bristol, where he spent a year before moving to New College, Oxford, as lecturer in modern history. He moved to Oxford Brookes in January 2005, becoming a professor in 2013.

He writes mainly on issues of economic and social policy, governance and Britain's place in the world since 1945, and is the author of a series of books and articles on those themes: these include Governing Post-War Britain: The Paradoxes of Progress, 1950-1973, published in 2012, and The Politics of Post-War Britain, published in 2017.

Glen is a regular commentator on current events in the press, writing for The Guardian, The New European and British GQ, as well as tweeting as @gsoh31. He is currently working on a history of the domestic policies of the Blair governments between 1997 and 2007.

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