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14 April 2021

What's next for the CQC?

The Care Quality Commission’s strategy consultation contains some good ideas about system regulation and digital technology, among other things. Now it must be made to work at a system level. - Read more

13 April 2021

Integrated care systems – three priorities for governors and NEDs

Feeling sidelined or failing to fully engage with the planning for integrated care are the wrong moves; now is the time to consider how integrated care systems are going to work... - Read more

10 April 2021

Maintaining the digital momentum

COVID-19 has forced rapid change across the NHS – nowhere more so than in digital technology. How can NHS boards maintain the momentum on digital innovation? - Read more

8 April 2021

Provider collaboratives – time to build

Provider collaboratives will play an important part in the success of integrated care. While we wait for more guidance from NHSE/I about how they should work, there is a great deal of foundation building that can usefully be done now. - Read more

7 April 2021

Climate emergency: the NHS responses required

Climate change continues to be the biggest threat facing the world, yet the NHS is one of the UK’s biggest polluters. It’s time that sustainability became a core value and a strategic driving force at all levels across the NHS. - Read more

6 April 2021

Decoding the reformation of the Mental Health Act

The government is consulting on a white paper containing sweeping reforms of the Mental Health Act – some of the changes it’s likely to propose will require systemic change. - Read more

1 April 2021

Planning guidance offers a glimpse of dawn

NHSE/I’s planning guidance for 2021/22 offers clarity on five key priority areas for the NHS. Critical to its success will be embracing partnership working across integrated care systems - Read more

31 March 2021

Growing pains: integrated care lessons from Scotland and Wales

With the ink still drying on the health and care white paper, there is now real momentum building behind integrated care in England. - Read more

30 March 2021

How Should a Government Be?

Jaideep Prabhu’s third book How Should a Government Be? explores some of the lessons in innovative governance that the private and public sectors can learn from each other. - Read more

27 March 2021

Integrated care jargon buster

Do you know your PHM from your HWB? The GGI integrated care jargon buster is here to help. The journey to integrated care has introduced a lot of terms and acronyms. - Read more

16 Jan - 27 Mar 2021

Previous Illuminations bulletins

Read last week's Illuminations bulletins and more on our Illuminations page - Read more

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The health and social care landscape
is changing rapidly, driven by a...

The health and social care landscape is changing rapidly, driven by a growing and ageing population, funding pressures, and evolving national policy. Partnership working across the NHS, Local Authorities, Third Sector and independent partners requires robust and innovative governance to ensure that communities benefit from improved outcomes, enhanced experience, and better use of limited resources.

GGI has extensive experience delivering a broad range of governance review and development programmes across health and social care throughout the UK. We understand that good governance is about ensuring that high quality care is delivered when it is needed, and that the individuals and organisations tasked with commissioning, delivering, and regulating this care are supported in taking decisions which benefit the public, communities and patients.


At the forefront of national governance
thinking and innovation, GGI is now...

At the forefront of national governance thinking and innovation, GGI is now firmly established in the higher education sector as a leading provider of Governing Body and Senate reviews, working across Post-92, Chartered and Russell Group institutions in all four nations of the UK. Our approach is that any governance review needs to be part of continuous institutional improvement.

The CUC HE Code of Governance (and the Scottish Code of Good HE Governance) recommends that institutions must conduct an independent review of their governance effectiveness at least every four years. In the current operating climate, all HEIs must be particularly alert to the need to review their governance structures, systems, and processes to ensure that they are responsive and fit-for-purpose. GGI provides specialist advice and support in guiding and assisting HEIs in this process, drawing on our in-depth knowledge and expertise of governance, leadership and strategic development in other sectors.


The third sector, including voluntary,
community, and not for profit...

The third sector, including the voluntary community, comprises well-respected, valued and publicly trusted institutions that play a fundamental role in addressing many of society’s unmet needs. It is therefore essential to ensure that they preserve stakeholder confidence and assurance by continuing to deliver on their core purpose. The recent publication of the new Charity Governance Code will bring greater attention to internal systems and processes, and put the spotlight on the importance of behaviours and culture in an organisation. 

GGI recognises the diversity of third sector organisations and provides specialists support, working with leaders and trustees in strengthening governance practice helping to assure financial sustainability,  leadership development and succession planning. 


The UK Governmental Department for
Culture, Media & Sport defines...

The UK Governmental Department for Culture, Media & Sport defines these organisations as having “the ability to enrich lives and promote cultural and artistic heritage”. GGI understands that the role of governance is to facilitate and sustain the impact made by these bodies on society.

Whether promoting local heritage, bringing communities and families together in sporting activity, or inspiring through the arts, good governance practice is a key component to delivering the mission of any organisation.

Organisations that fall under the umbrella of Culture, Media and Sport are recognised throughout the world for their ambition, innovation and creativity. GGI appreciates the value that these bring to the life of local communities and the UK as a whole. We support this through the development of governance which best meets the needs of these dynamic organisations.


Of the 100 largest economies in the
world, 51 are now global...

Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are now global corporations, while in the UK 60% of all private sector employment is by small and medium sized enterprises. These organisations touch on every imaginable aspect of society and economic output, from providing banking and financial services, to producing and selling the food we eat.

Good governance is fundamental to demonstrating and ensuring reliability and integrity to shareholders and the community. At GGI, we are clear that governance is a facilitative force rather than a burdensome bureaucracy, and one that is crucial in supporting those who run organisations to take the best decisions for their stakeholders.


Ensuring that quality homes and business premises are available...

The success of whole communities depends on ensuring that quality homes and business premises are available to the residents and organisations who need them.

GGI recognises that housing is a complex and diverse sector, with unique financial models, diversified business streams, merged organisational structures, and a rapidly evolving policy environment. We work with governing bodies in the sector to allow board members, executives, staff, and stakeholders to develop a clear understanding of potential risks to their organisations while supporting effective decision-making. 




GGI reviews are sought out by organisations serious to use the process to learn and improve. As an independent body, we use peers to review public and third sector organisations. We provide suggestions for improvement based on learning and best practice.




Best-in-class top teams are always passionate about developing themselves and their organisations. Board and organisational development from GGI is never an off-the-shelf package, and your GGI development partners will be senior, credible peers.




Organisations can never stand still. They either constantly work towards excellence, or they atrophy. As your partner GGI can help with both practical help and highly specialised input. We can always mobilise fast too.




Great organisations understand and work with their stakeholders. GGI has unique skills within the specialised markets we work in to support organisations authentically engage with others to create excellent services.




In a rapidly changing world organisations need to rapidly adapt. Our approach to supporting innovation combines practical ‘how-to-do-it’ approaches with inspiration from our work in diverse sectors.




Leaders need to inspire, and this is fuelled by constant exposure to fresh ideas, seeing things in new ways and connection to core principles. We search the world for fresh approaches to leadership, and help leaders overcome the routine to do the essential



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