Liz Jones

Chief Marketing Officer at RLDatix



Liz has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare technology. She is the chief marketing officer with Allocate Software, a leading supplier of human capital management technology to health and care organisations in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia.

Before her current role Liz led the communications and marketing strategy for Allocate’s UK business, where she was proud to oversee the launch of the SafeCare product that is now used by more than 160 healthcare organisations. Now, Liz leads the marketing at RLDatix as their Chief Marketing officer.

Before joining Allocate, Liz was part of the start-up team that developed Dynamic Change, one of the UK’s first SaaS solutions for healthcare governance, risk and compliance. Dynamic Change was based at Keele University's Incubator Science Park. Liz led the marketing and helped grow the business from start-up to market leader serving over 90% of primary care trusts ahead of its acquisition.

Liz has a deep interest in how healthcare policy and technology can combine to make a difference in care delivery. Outside work she is a keen supporter of the arts and in particular the role of arts in education.

Twitter: @amplifythegrape

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