Ged Barker

Head of Development and Engagement Consultant



Ged joined GGI in June 2022. He previously worked as head of business development and senior client manager at Soapbox Communications, a creative communications agency that specialises in turning knowledge and ideas into social progress.

Ged’s work at Soapbox focused on working with research- and evidence-led clients, such as think tanks, universities, membership bodies and United Nations agencies, to design and develop engagement projects, typically involving full-service approaches to strategy, engagement, digital, print, brand, animation and publication design.

Ged has spent 20 years working in communications and engagement. Before Soapbox, he managed the digital and publications team at the Overseas Development Institute, worked as senior project manager at the digital agency Torchbox and held various roles at Oxfam GB, becoming both a founding member of its public engagement team and the manager of all of Oxfam’s digital campaigning in the UK. This included the Robin Hood Tax and Control Arms campaigns.

In a world before nearly everything went digital, Ged was a series editor at Osprey Publishing and a developmental editor of major reference works, at what was then Elsevier Science. His journey into broader communications and engagement delivery began after he moved to the Technology Assisted Lifelong Learning department of the University of Oxford, where he project-managed the development of online learning programmes.

Over the years Ged’s clients have included, among many others, the NHS Confederation, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Chatham House, The King’s Fund, the Nuffield Trust, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and British Swimming, who represent the UK’s elite swimmers.

At home, Ged is a husband, father, lapsed cricketer and intermittent exerciser. He is one third of the way through writing a sci-fi novel exploring the relationship between resource scarcity, self-determination, and the forecast moment of AI singularity. He has no expectation that it will be published but would quite like to complete it one day.

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