Jaco Marais

Creative Partner



Jaco is GGI’s Creative Partner and Editor of our Annual Review, Thinking Partner and Engagement Consultant. He has been a director with GGI since its formation in 2009 and has been involved in developing the organisation as it is today.

When it comes to flipping the script, there is very little that Jaco would like to change. Jaco enjoys the flex and flow of a world in constant change. The only corrupting thought to this perfect bliss is the knowledge that the world is a terribly unfair place. It’s therefore Jaco’s mission both to share in the appreciation for the world as it is and to collaborate with others to make it better and fairer.

Jaco is GGI’s festival director and editor of the Review. They have been a director with GGI since its formation in 2009.

Constantly observing, thinking and imagining, as an artist does, Jaco is able to visually represent their thoughts through drawings, paintings, photography and digital designs. We appreciate their fresh perspectives and new ways of talking and thinking about complex subjects without complicating them. Their talent lies in taking a lot of information, summarising and translating it into language that is concise and simple. The point of using both art and language is to emotionally connect people to the subject we want them to engage with.

Jaco’s role is to embrace his full range of tools, skills and attributes to engage clients, staff and the wider community. These include GGI’s YouTube channel, Good Governance TV, social media channels, the printed Review, events, and international study tours. Most recently, we collaborated on Jaco’s invention of the Flip the Script board game.

Together with the GGI communications team, they have successfully designed and directed engagement programmes for a wide range of organisations looking to improve the way they connect with clients, staff, public and community groups.

Jaco’s background is in healthcare journalism. Past roles include being the press officer of the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) and editing CARE magazine, a members’ journal for the Health and Social Care Quality Commission (HSCQC).