Philippa Slinger

Senior Associate

Senior Associate



Philippa joined GGI as senior associate in November 2021, bringing years of experience as a leader in healthcare across sectors.

She has held senior roles is NHS England as a director, as Chief Executive of an integrated system, NHS trust chief executive, NHS Improvement as an Improvement Director and in the private sector as a managing director.

Prior to joining GGI, Philippa was the chief executive of Devon STP, where she developed her strategic planning and leadership skills in a system context, co-producing, with multiple partners and sectors the architecture for system collaboration and self-regulation; developing performance and financial improvement plans to address significant organisational and system challenge, working with all stakeholders to engage them in cross system working and collaboration.

Philippa is an expert on relationship development and management, collaborative working, and place-based partnerships with experience on both the regulator and provider side. She has worked closely with the third sector and local authorities to develop plans and strategies to improve population health and wellbeing and address socio-economic challenges, most recently around the impact of the pandemic on rural and deprived communities.

Philippa played an integral role in the transition of Devon STP to ICS and has years of experience managing complex service change, including reconfiguring secondary and tertiary services, and organizational transformation, working within organisations and with partners to design and develop systems of governance at place.

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