The Pocket Guide to Governance in NHS Wales

November 2009

This guide was commissioned by the Welsh NHS Confederation for members of Local Health Boards and NHS Trusts in Wales. NHS boards are extremely important, they take decisions which are fundamental to improving health and in the planning, organisation and delivery of health care. They are the first line of regulation and scrutiny of safe, joined up and cost effective services.


As everyone face more public scrutiny and a tough financial climate, the role of the board has never been more important or challenging.

The new LHBs are very large; most have over 15,000 staff and have a wide span of service control in primary, community, acute, mental health and specialist services. On the other hand, no public body can deliver its services in isolation from public and political opinion, its wide range of partners and suppliers, its regulators and the media.

The NHS Trusts in Wales also have a significant role in the delivery of healthcare and in improving the health of the people of Wales.

The guide is short to make for easier reading and reference but is backed up by a wide range of material that can be found on the Welsh NHS Confederation website. Other useful links are given at the end of the guide.

The authors for the guide are Dr John Bullivant, Andrew Corbett-Nolan and Mike Ponton but we would like to acknowledge the influence a wide range of sources and commentators on the contents guide and for material taken from the WAG/NLIAH publication ‘Setting the Direction’.

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