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More assurance doesn’t mean better assurance. Time taken up by assurance meetings has a real opportunity cost. Too many organisations have vast assurance meetings structures that add no value and take up valuable time.

GGI has developed a process for reviewing, analysing and changing overly complex assurance structures and implementing a better, leaner, more effective alternative. We call this programme ‘making meetings matter’. 

This can be done in a focused and targeted way, or it can be a significant programme of work amounting to a large OD programme. Either way, the benefits are profound. We would aim to reduce the time you spend on assurance meetings by at least 20%, reclaiming this time for frontline work. This could be worth several millions of pounds in management time. 

This is work that organisations can’t do for themselves – it really does need to be facilitated externally. And it’s perfect for integrated care systems too. Many ICBs have just transferred old CCG assurance meeting structures and added to them, so provider executives are being pulled into numerous poorly-thought-through meetings. 

The workload created by internal and external assurance meetings cannot be allowed to prevail at a time when the NHS is so stretched. If you’re interested in releasing time for frontline work, contact us now.

GGI has a good grasp of how systems do—and sometimes don't—work. They work well with leaders from across different sectors and maintain a clear focus on improvement and creating better outcomes.

Will Godfrey

Chief Executive

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Time with the GGI team is always worthwhile. They really understand the world of public sector leaders and their advice and counsel are to be valued. They are history holders too, with enormous experience of how public sector leaders have adapted through periods of major change and challenge.

Anthony Hassall

Chief Executive

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I have always found that GGI delivers high-quality work. Their governance background and guidance are as strong as any I’ve ever worked with. In addition, their training and development programmes are perfectly judged to support individual and organisational growth.

Kevin McGee

Director General

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Making Meetings Matter

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Governance matters

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Simplifying governance might sound something of an oxymoron but here at GGI we’re passionate about making governance lean and simple. That’s the principle behind every one of these articles by members of the GGI team.

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