• Discreet, rigorous, specialist investigations and dispute resolution

• Access to a network of accredited experts

• Fully evidenced, well-presented reports that withstand challenge

Sometimes things go wrong. When they do, GGI is here to help.

Our specialist, rigorous thorough and discreet investigation and dispute resolution service will get to the root cause.

We deploy a range of rigorous, tried and tested processes to reach fully-evidenced, well-presented and trusted conclusions that will withstand challenge.

Our expertise is particularly suited to handling the complexity and sensitivity of investigations involving professional and clinical conduct, workplace culture and people practices, and regulatory compliance.

Cross-sector expertise

We are able to scale up quickly to handle any size of investigation. We have arrangements with a network of accredited individuals with clinical, digital, regulatory and financial expertise. We also work in partnership with two national legal practices, giving us access to a full range of specialist legal advice.

Our investigations are led by peers with senior relevant experience and/or accreditations, ensuring fully independent and proportionate investigations, up to expert witness standards.

We can deploy our expertise and specialist tools to assist with:

  • allegations of serious misconduct, including senior executives, board members and professionals, in respect of expected standards of conduct, behaviour and practice
  • patient safety, serious incidents and never events (including concise, comprehensive and independent reviews as defined in the new NHS Patient Safety Response Framework)
  • whistleblowing, complex complaints and concerns
  • breaches of institutional culture, policy, procedures and governance
  • issues of regulatory compliance – individual and institutional
  • allegations of malpractice up to and including non-complex fraud.

"The Good Governance Institute has been extremely helpful in assisting Together in Barnet (a charity that aims to provide a night shelter for homeless people across the London borough) develop a framework around governance initially producing a clear and concise report containing the building blocks for constructing a set of relevant policies. Moreover, they have continued to provide high quality intelligence ensuring our GDPR protocols are fit f...

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I have found GGI to be extremely well connected and a useful source of information and counsel with regard to negotiating one’s way through the complexities of the NHS. In addition, they have shown themselves to be flexible and capable of providing a broad range of services beyond that which their name alone suggests.

Joe Fielder

Chair of North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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What kind of investigations does GGI do?

Our expertise is particularly suited to handling the complexity and sensitivity of investigations involving professional and clinical conduct, workplace behaviour, culture and people practices, and regulatory compliance.

We are selective with the investigations we do, we tend to be sought out for the most significant complicated and high profile.

What is GGI's approach to investigations?

Our investigation toolkit includes interviews and interrogation, evidence gathering, environmental analysis, statistical analysis, document review, procedural and policy assessment, risk analysis and stress-testing, root cause analysis and identification of corrective action.

Before the start of any formal process, we will work with you to determine the best course of action, addressing all issues from set-up to follow-through, including any reputational implications and learning.

What is distinctive about a GGI investigation?

They are done to a very high standard and are led by experienced peers and specialists who bring high-levels of knowledge, credibility and insight. This means we not only quickly get to the substance of each dispute or problem, we also often identify near-misses and areas of potential risk, danger or harm.

We apply a high degree of rigour and intellect to our investigations, very aware that our findings are likely to be used in consequent legal actions. Often we partner with a legal firm as part of the work.

What investigations won't GGI do?

We do not handle issues of serious or specialist technical fraud or accident investigation.

What are the alternatives to an investigation and can GGI help?

In addition to formal investigations, we provide early advice on scoping, terms of reference and alternative approaches, and are able to undertake preliminary/ preparatory data and intelligence gathering to support more client-led processes.

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