GGI Academy highlights

• Tailored training for organisations

• Easy to access virtual sessions between 30-90 minutes long

• Training styles using different mediums including video, presentation, discussion and tests

• Training for as many members of staff as you’d like

• Certification on completion on training

Finding the right training for your organisation's needs and staying on top of the latest developments in a complex, fast-changing environment can be a challenge.

The GGI Academy offers at-scale, in-house training for organisations that's fully aligned with their priorities and delivered over virtual platforms, helping you to keep completely up to date with minimum disruption.

Your training will be developed using a tried and tested methodology founded on established educational psychology principles. And it will be delivered by people who have direct experience in the field.

We can provide training on any core governance subject. View our training packages.

How the training will be developed. Our training embodies evidence of what is known to work well, drawing on international benchmarking and knowledge of leadership, governance, quality management and risk management. We also draw on our own extensive work with boards and complex systems over the last decade, and intelligence gained from our own sector-specific networks of board members and influencers.

What you will get. A tailored training package, developed in alignment with your organisational needs, priorities and policies. Training sessions are virtual and supporting materials will be adapted to your organisation. They will typically include a short video, PowerPoint presentation, supporting notes and resources. Each session will have its own self-evaluation ‘test’. With this methodology, we believe that not only will staff undertake the training, but they are also much more likely to be able to remember it to take it forward into practice.

Who will carry out the training? Our learning activities are led by highly experienced directors and peers with active, professional connections to current policy and practice, as well as deep insight into the history of how systems work and how individual and collective contributions can best achieve complex outcomes.

Why GGI?

With our proven track record of supporting a range of organisations to improve processes from ward to board, GGI is the perfect partner to deliver meaningful and outcome-based training. GGI is uniquely placed, through its national work with organisations of all sizes to deliver high-impact, value-for-money development for your staff.

If you are interested in learning more about GGI Academy and tailored solutions to your training needs, please call us on 07732 681120 or fill out the contact form below.

GGI has a good grasp of how systems do—and sometimes don't—work. They work well with leaders from across different sectors and maintain a clear focus on improvement and creating better outcomes.

Will Godfrey

Chief Executive

Your feedback

Time with the GGI team is always worthwhile. They really understand the world of public sector leaders and their advice and counsel are to be valued. They are history holders too, with enormous experience of how public sector leaders have adapted through periods of major change and challenge.

Anthony Hassall

Chief Executive

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I have always found that GGI delivers high-quality work. Their governance background and guidance are as strong as any I’ve ever worked with. In addition, their training and development programmes are perfectly judged to support individual and organisational growth.

Kevin McGee

Director General

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