Help us develop a governance of culture maturity matrix

01 December 2023

Organisational culture is a concept that most will recognise but few can confidently define. And yet cultural issues are frequently found at the root of serious organisational crises.

Peter Drucker famously said: ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, and it’s true that a strong culture represents a surer route to organisational success than any strategy.

Culture pervades everything in organisations of all sizes. It has a huge impact on leadership, organisational structure, assurance and transparency, to name but a few areas.

But how well do you understand your organisation’s culture? Do you know how to measure it? Is it aligned to your mission and values?

More specifically to GGI’s work – does the board have oversight and influence on the culture? What role does governance play in shaping the culture? And how effective is your organisation’s governance of culture?

At GGI we are drawing on our extensive experience of working with organisations across multiple sectors to develop a new maturity matrix designed to help boards assess their level of maturity across a range of areas related to organisational culture.

This kind of self-awareness is an important part of propagating the sort of culture that will help your organisation succeed.

Our matrices are always created with input from clients, to ensure they are firmly rooted in the real world. Now our specialists are keen to hear from you if you are interested in joining a small focus group to help shape our latest maturity matrix – on the governance of organisational culture.

The time commitment we’re looking for will be no more than two-to-three hours, spent reviewing a draft, then commenting on it during an online focus group meeting.

If you’re interested in joining this exercise, or simply finding out more, please email Daniel Taylor.

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