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Good Governance Institute 10 Years #GGI10th

GGI in 2009

Diabetes for commissioning boards


GGI’s first significant piece of work, started the very week GGI was incorporated on 4th March 2009, was to develop a Board Assurance Prompt (BAP) to help the boards of Primary Care Trusts understand sufficient of the medicine to properly scrutinise reports with clinical content. The focus of the first BAP was diabetes care, and was commissioned from GGI by FTI Consulting. We worked with Liz Shanahan and Joe Delahunty from FTI to develop the BAP with expert insight from Dr. Adrian Heald, consultant in endocrinology and metabolic medicine at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Looking back, much has both changed and remained the same . The rationale behind the clinical BAPs was to support the then largely non-clinical boards of commissioning organisations understand clinical issues sufficiently to have the confidence to apply constructive challenge. A report from the Burdett Trust had identified that non-executives were more willing to challenge around money and performance than clinical issues – surely the most critical element of the work of a healthcare organisation.

GGI’s methodology for developing the BAPs was an inclusive one through a series of interactive seminars around the country. GGI reports are developed in a workshop rather than a library. Though guided by the evidence, GGI develops templates and tools that ‘make sense’ to members of boards because we have co-created them through significant peer input. The work with FTI on the diabetes BAP involved more than 100 board members of PCTs in a series of events across the country. Nowadays we would use social media heavily too in order to raise awareness and secure input.

Liz and Joe, who commissioned GGI, have moved on from FTI. Liz has developed a successful portfolio career that includes being a non-executive director of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Joe is Global Head of Communications at Ascensia Diabetes Care. Dr. Adrian Heald is still very much part of GGI’s life and as well as his clinical and academic work he stood for Parliament in the 2015 election for the Labour Party. This first significant commission for GGI, however, effectively was the enabler that took GGI from being an idea into becoming a reality.