Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 are now global corporations, while in the UK 60% of all private sector employment is by small and medium sized enterprises.

These organisations touch on every imaginable aspect of society and economic output, from providing banking and financial services, to producing and selling the food we eat.

Good governance is fundamental to demonstrating and ensuring reliability and integrity to shareholders and the community.

Professional and membership organisations make a valuable contribution to national life. GGI has gained significant experience over the years of supporting the professions through developing better governance within professional and trade membership organisations.

Governance should be facilitative rather than burdensome or bureaucratic. Good governance supports those who run organisations to take the best decisions for their stakeholders.

With their broad perspective on governance across many sectors and regions, the GGI team were the perfect partners for this exercise. Their input was invaluable, helping us to find a way through the complicated process of bringing our governance up to date and ensuring we’re in the best possible shape to deliver our central mission of raising standards at all levels and attracting more players and spectators to this wonderful sport.

David Mahoney

Chief Operating Officer

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"GGI has not only advised us for this huge creative arts project that has literally involved hundreds of people in the area over the three years we took to build it up but also, in the form of their brilliant design staff, have seriously re-vamped our marketing campaign, with beautiful new-look publicity graphics and a buzzing web-site. "

Jenny Miller


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We have commissioned the Good Governance Institute (GGI) several times and have been impressed with their growth in range and depth of expertise over the years. GGI stands out from other governance-centred consultancies in that they adopt a collaborative and tailored approach, show a real interest  in their client’s work and challenges, and are committed to the provision of tools and recommendations which will make a real and positive difference ...

John Sitzia

National Chief Operating Officer

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