Internal stakeholder engagement maturity matrix

17 June 2022

GGI’s new internal stakeholder engagement maturity matrix outlines seven key elements of communicating, engaging and building relationships with internal stakeholders. This practical tool enables boards and communications teams to identify their current level of progress against key competencies, to determine where they want to get to in the next 12 months and how to get there.   

It can be used for whole organisations or for specific programmes of work and aligns with public, third and private sector organisations. It provides clear steps on how to progress and improve in each of these areas outlined.   

The core elements for assessment are:

  • internal stakeholder identification and segmentation
  • relationship development and management
  • systems, processes and procedures
  • culture
  • influence
  • skills and capacity
  • feedback and improvement.

Ged Barker

Head of Development and Engagement Consultant

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Daniel Taylor

Engagement Consultant

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