Director logbook

09 July 2021

The GGI director logbook provides all board members with a means of recording their experiences and contribution to the board.

This is particularly helpful when it comes to the annual review of performance as a board member or when applying for new positions, both in keeping a log of personal contributions, and the value of meetings, committees, events and reflections.

Tips for completing the log
1. Allow time to reflect on your contributions to the board
2. Log all board activities: board meetings, sub-committee meetings, briefings, seminars, reading board papers, walkabouts, etc
3. Make a note of your reflections as you go (you can use the notes app on your phone and then transfer to the logbook)
4. Use this tool for appraisals and new appointments
5. Try it! You’ll get better and quicker over time

Try it: Editable version Download Guide: GGI Director Logbook 2021

Here's an example of a completed log:

Meet the author: Dr John Bullivant FRCP Edin

Retired Chair, GGI Advisory Group

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