New maturity matrix – GGI needs you!

02 March 2023

Will you help us develop our new financial governance maturity matrix?

GGI is developing a maturity matrix covering financial governance – and we need your help to ensure it’s the best possible tool for our clients.

Our free maturity matrices are tried-and-tested tools that help organisations self-assess where they stand in terms of key governance disciplines.

Recent examples include our Third sector maturity matrix for the boards of voluntary organisations, and our External stakeholder engagement maturity matrix, focused on key elements of communication, engagement and relationship-building.

Our matrices are always created with input from clients, to ensure they are firmly rooted in the real world. Now our specialists are keen to hear from you if you are interested in joining a small focus group to help shape our latest maturity matrix – on financial governance.

The time commitment we’re looking for will be no more than two-to-three hours, spent reviewing a draft, then commenting on it during an online focus group meeting.

If you’re interested in joining this exercise, or simply finding out more, please email Kathryn Webb or David Cryer.

Here to help