Developing provider collaboratives

18 July 2023

Provider collaboratives need three elements working together to build the strength and flexibility they need. And these three elements –board development, engagement and governance – need to be repeatedly revisited and reworked. These three crucial success factors are closely intertwined, so they should be developed together. Leaders who fail to grasp this make themselves and their systems vulnerable to changing circumstances.

Board development

We offer one-off board development workshops on themes such as system risk (including risk appetite and ICB and trust board assurance frameworks), systems thinking and adaptive leadership, mindsets and behaviours for collaborative working, and roles of executive directors, non-executive directors and partner members on a unitary board. We also develop board development programmes, which typically span 3-24 months, with each session building to the next. If you would like to see or discuss example board development day agenda or programmes, please contact Aidan Rave.

Engagement and communication

We provide tools and frameworks to help manage relationships with system stakeholders. We also offer 360 reviews, which help identify issues and opportunities for strengthening relationships. Our engagement consultants support the co-development of strong compelling narratives for individual organisations and systems. For service transformation, we offer ‘design thinking’ workshops, during which we rapidly iterate through new service models, co-designed with local people, health and care workforce, and provider partners. For more information and examples of our work, please contact Daniel Taylor.

Lean governance

We support the establishment of leadership, organisational structures and streamlined processes to enable everyone to work together effectively in creating improved outcomes and experiences for the local population. Our core governance tools, such as ‘purpose slides’ and RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted informed) decision flow diagrams, support ‘right-sized’ governance, that avoids duplication and gaps. For more information and examples of our lean governance work, please contact David Holden.

Aidan Rave

Principal Consultant

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Daniel Taylor

Engagement Consultant

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David Holden

Principal Consultant

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