Director skills and competency matrix for sports organisations

21 January 2022

This maturity matrix provides a consistent framework for assessing skills and competency for individual sports organisation board members and for the board as a whole. It enables a dynamic and objective assessment of board maturity, skills and competency and their development over time. It has been designed to be used at various stages – during recruitment, continuing assessment, appraisal and development.

It describes the key elements of sport organisation board skills along the y-axis, and graduations of ‘maturity’ along the x-axis. For each of the key elements, there are indicative statements so that organisations and individuals can self-assess their ‘maturity'.

The matrix outlines seven core areas for assessment:

  • Understanding the role
  • Technical knowledge
  • Understanding the organisation and operating environment
  • Strategic thinking
  • Vocational skills
  • Behaviours and transparency
  • Leadership calibre

Meet the author: Andrew Corbett-Nolan

Chief Executive

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