How should a government be? GGI hosts book launch

25 March 2021

This week GGI hosted the launch of How Should a Government Be? The New Levers of State Power by Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of business and enterprise at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

Described as a ‘tour of what’s possible in government’, Jaideep’s third book looks at the context of the revolutions that have taken place in technology and organisational structure on a world transformed by COVID-19 and sees a revolution coming in the essential business of government – whether we like it or not.

Among the launch event guests was Jos de Blok, whose Buurtzorg model of community nursing is highlighted as a model of effective simplicity in Jaideep’s book. Buurtzorg was also the focus of a GGI Illumination last week.

You’ll find more information about How Should a Government Be? on the Profile Books website

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