Honesty | The Public Good podcast

02 December 2022

The Public Good, a podcast hosted by Jaco Marais on behalf of the Good Governance Institute, puts you at the heart of conversations about how organisations should be led and run, and create value for society.

In this episode, Jaco explores honesty and its implication with Sophie Howe (Future Generations Commissioner for Wales) and Mark Butler (Executive Director and Partner, GGI).

According to the Nolan Principles, honesty means: "Holders of public office should be truthful."

Is there a difference between truth and honesty? Is the principle of honesty pivotal to leadership? Does honesty mean something different in the public sector than it does in the private sector? Are leaders honest about the decisions and policies they make for the short-term while being dishonest by the omission of longer-term plans? Are we honest about the future?

Meet the author: Jaco Marais

Director of Corporate Communications

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