Andrew Corbett-Nolan

Chief Executive



Andrew Corbett-Nolan is the Chief Executive of the Good Governance Institute, which he founded in 2009.

Andrew is well-known as a leading thinker and commentator on modern governance and a practical facilitator and coach to boards across the public and third sectors.

His leadership of GGI is associated with developing a mature understanding of the challenges facing boards in the modern world.

Heavily influenced by the work of Professor Mervyn King, Andrew sits on the board of the Johannesburg-based Good Governance Academy, which is working to influence the curricula of business schools and universities globally. And in 2020, he became a Salzburg Global Fellow for his work promoting good governance as a means of creating social value, securing a prosperous future that is better and fairer for all.

Outside GGI Andrew was a visiting professor of governance at the University of Chester until 2022 and has recently been appointed as a visiting professor at the Institute of Health at the University of Cumbria.

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