GGI’s development sessions help to redefine your leadership thinking.

Designed for driven executives seeking to unlock their full potential, our sessions offer an experiential learning experience to help you grow and develop.

Our development days help you build personal resilience and hone your decision-making abilities, empowering you to create sustainable strategic value as a senior board executive.

These sessions are good for you and your organisation. We will equip you with a better understanding of corporate leadership to deliver on your organisation's strategy. And we will broaden your perspective and unlock your thinking.

Participants will typically have, or will soon be taking responsibility for, strategic direction and leading people across your organisation to create, deliver and capture value.

While our development sessions have designed with public sector boards in mind, we tailor each of our days to attendees’ needs and wishes. We have found that attendees value the space to think and the opportunity to grow their networks with others from different organisations and sectors.

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If you would like to register your interest in attending a GGI executive development session, please email Ged Barker.

Time with the GGI team is always worthwhile. They really understand the world of public sector leaders and their advice and counsel are to be valued. They are history holders too, with enormous experience of how public sector leaders have adapted through periods of major change and challenge.

Anthony Hassall

Chief Executive

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I have always found that GGI delivers high-quality work. Their governance background and guidance are as strong as any I’ve ever worked with. In addition, their training and development programmes are perfectly judged to support individual and organisational growth.

Kevin McGee

Director General

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GGI has a good grasp of how systems do—and sometimes don't—work. They work well with leaders from across different sectors and maintain a clear focus on improvement and creating better outcomes.

Will Godfrey

Chief Executive

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