Learning from mistakes serves like a vital organ to reflective and learning organisations – improving outcomes for citizens and colleagues alike.

Our training reinforces the principle that incident reporting and thorough, open investigations help any organisation learn from its mistakes and improve the safety of its patients and clients.

The interactive training session includes:

  • Why do we report incidents?

  • How incident reporting works

  • Investigating incidents

  • Serious incident reporting

  • Closing the loop

  • Learning across the organisation

The training an interactive training session with one of our experts aligned with your organisational priorities, a Q&A document for all attendees to take away and a test for participants. All trainees receive a certificate.

I am extremely proud of the changes we’ve made to our governance processes. We knew we needed to update our approach and reshape the board to embrace different backgrounds and viewpoints – both from inside and outside the game – to help us make good decisions. What we were less clear on was exactly what needed to change and how to change it.

David Mahoney

Chief Operating Officer

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With their broad perspective on governance across many sectors and regions, the GGI team were the perfect partners for this exercise. Their input was invaluable, helping us to find a way through the complicated process of bringing our governance up to date and ensuring we’re in the best possible shape to deliver our central mission of raising standards at all levels and attracting more players and spectators to this wonderful sport.

David Mahoney

Chief Operating Officer

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There is a lack of joining up at a national level. Departments don’t value other parts of the sector

Gill Morgan

Independant Chair, Gloucestershire ICS

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