Revised external stakeholder engagement maturity matrix

24 October 2023

This new version of our external stakeholder engagement maturity matrix reflects learning from our recent work.

This tool is designed to help organisations reflect on and assess the effectiveness of their relationships and interactions with partners.

We have been working with a variety of organisations to evaluate and improve involvement in governance, engagement on decision-making, and effective relationship development. We have learned a lot from these projects, and we are confident that the revised matrix will be even more helpful to organisations in improving their stakeholder engagement practices.

Purposeful stakeholder engagement is essential for good governance and organisational effectiveness. It helps to inform and legitimise decision-making, triangulate views and perspectives, build an inclusive, shared culture, and support effective strategic stewardship.

The stakeholder engagement maturity matrix is a simple tool that can be used to self-assess, identify areas for improvement and encourage good practice.

To use the matrix, simply identify and circle the level you believe your organisation has reached and then draw an arrow to the right to the level you intend to reach in the next 12 months.

We use this matrix in our work, particularly the stakeholder audit assessments we conduct for organizations. If we can support your organization in improving your stakeholder engagement practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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