Maturity matrix for quality and clinical governance at site level within a group

23 October 2023

Group models within the NHS pose challenges for boards to maintain the board-to-ward line of sight, and from GGI’s work with small and large NHS group models, the learning is that the site level is crucial.

This new maturity matrix describes clinical governance maturity at site levels as an NHS group structure and can be used to guide development towards best practice.

GGI has already published maturity matrices for clinical governance in whole NHS trusts, and also at divisional or care group levels. These matrices will shortly be updated and revised but still serve as the industry standard for NHS organisations.

As larger NHS groups are mostly new constructions, comments and ideas for future development of these matrices are particularly welcome.

Our matrices provide a flexible developmental tool to help boards ensure that they understand the quality governance competencies at all sites in complex NHS group structures.

NHS boards cannot outsource their accountability for quality and patient safety but rather build the right levels of grip at each managerial level in these complex public sector organisations.

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