The Goldberg Report: Strategy and the New NHS

01 December 2012

This report is not meant to be an exhaustive academic analysis of strategy in the NHS, nor an assessment of the nascent Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the new provider landscape. Rather, it is offered as a set of informed opinions and perspective on strategy and, more specifically, on the strategic current state of affairs facing the NHS. My purpose is to shine some light on the importance of strategy and on the trends, challenges and opportunities facing commissioners, providers and the NHS generally in the years ahead. I also hope to provide food for thought for boards throughout the NHS, to frame strategy that can be implemented to improve the quality of care, the efficiency of care and the quality of the patient experience.

I would like to thank the Good Governance Institute for the opportunity of undertaking this review and also the many individuals who met with me and offered their candour and insights. I believe many of you will see that your ideas and perspectives influenced this paper.

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