The Annual Cycle of Business: PCT Clusters – Local Arms of the National Commissioning Board A paper on the unique mission of PCT Clusters

03 October 2011

GGI has been pioneering proportionate governance, where form follows function. In other words, one works out what the board needs to do over the coming year and then fits a governance and reporting structure around this.

The new PCT clusters provide a good opportunity to take stock and implant a regime where the board’s role till 2013 can be worked through and then appropriate structure and systems for reporting and assurance built around this. Cluster boards, as we have identified, need to:

• Maintain all statutory reporting for PCTs, which remain the actual legal entities

• Deliver as local arms of the National Commissioning Board – the ‘day job’

• Ensure that local clinical commissioning consortia reach authorization

Supported by Allocate Software through an educational grant, GGI have developed a template cycle of business for Clusters. This was developed by:

• Engaging with a number of Clusters to gather in perspectives and thinking

• Holding workshops to work through a month by month plan for Clusters till 2013

• Pilot testing the cycle in September 2011 and publishing our findings.

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