Resetting the digital premium - GGI & Legrand white paper

15 February 2022

All organisations can have a positive and lasting impact on the world by taking digital transformation seriously.

This paper is about the digital future in health, housing and social care.

It outlines how digital can be embraced across public services in a smart and innovative way. Based on learning and collaboration between sectors, we focus on the practical steps that can be taken to achieve this digital premium and make a real difference to the lives of people and communities.

The paper identifies four themes which are set to shape the future:

  • Place
  • Predictive technology and population health
  • Security and wellbeing at home
  • New digital standards.

This paper explores these issues in detail to shine a light on best practice examples and case studies, to highlight potential pitfalls for health, social care and housing organisations seeking to improve their digital suite, and to provide a series of key recommendations and questions that board members (and others) can ask themselves when trying to assess their digital positioning.

This paper has been developed as a practical guide for board members about digital maturity and how to develop it within their organisations.

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