What every board member needs to know about the use of data and tech to improve the quality of services

27 July 2022

Today the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and Tendable launch a short paper following a roundtable which explored risk, data and technology use to improve the quality of services.

The roundtable, facilitated by GGI CEO, Professor Andrew Corbett-Nolan, brought together senior leaders from across the health and care sector. The discussion showed that while it is clear boards do not hold all the answers to data and tech approaches and issues, they are increasingly asking the right questions. In particular, our guests spoke of how many boards are striving to adopt progressively citizen-centric models of care driven by the leadership and collaboration within ICSs.

Data and technology are at the heart of these models, helping boards to understand and respond to the needs of their communities in new and innovative ways. We heard several examples of good practice, from work by the London Estates Development Unit to harness the NHS estate to address the housing needs of their local populations, to the approach of South East London ICS to use citizen insights to improve patient pathways.

Professor Andrew Corbett Nolan, GGI CEO, said: “this roundtable further cemented the need for boards and leadership teams to be thinking about digital technology. To do this, taking calculated risk is required. Boards must recognise digital as a priority.”

Tim Bolot, CEO of Tendable, said: “This round table has demonstrated once again the desire boards have to embrace new technologies to support their workforces. At a time of continued staffing challenges, technology can provide a great solution to improving quality while controlling costs.”

Notes to editors

  • The report is available here
  • This report was created following a roundtable with expert panelists.
  • The Good Governance Institute exists to help create a fairer, better world. Our part in this is to support those who run the organisations that will affect how humanity uses resources, cares for the sick, educates future generations, develops our professionals, creates wealth, nurtures sporting excellence, inspires through the arts, communicates the news, ensures all have decent homes, transports people and goods, administers justice and the law, designs and introduces new technologies, produces and sells the food we eat - in short, all aspects of being human. We work to make sure that organisations are run by the most talented, skilled and ethical leaders possible and work to build fair systems that consider all, use evidence, are guided by ethics and thereby take the best decisions. Good governance of all organisations, from the smallest charity to the greatest public institution, benefits society as a whole. It enables organisations to play their part in building a sustainable, better future for all.
  • Tendable is a quality inspection app and platform for health and care settings. The Tendable app makes quality inspections, audits and reviews easier and more effective by bringing the mobile user experience we all know and love to the frontlines of care. By making quality inspections up to 60% faster, Tendable frees up time to care. Reporting dashboards are instantly available in the Tendable Web Portal to empower health and care leaders with access to automated, real-time reporting and monitoring of critical quality data.

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