Resetting the digital premium

15 February 2022

Today the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and Legrand Care launch a white paper designed to help health, housing and social care boards find the best ways to provide comprehensive, high-quality digital services for the benefit of patients, clients, and citizens.

The UK and the world have undergone huge change and upheaval over the last couple of years. Much of the focus has been on the COVID19 pandemic and its negative impact on many across the world. The scale of loss has been huge. The need for innovative support to people and communities has also been driven forward. Changes have moved fast, supported by innovation in the way things are done. Much of this has been driven by the opportunities that digital can deliver.

All organisations can have positive and lasting impact on the world by taking digital transformation seriously.

The paper outlines how digital can be embraced across public services in a smart and innovative way. Based on learning and collaboration between sectors, we focus on the practical steps that can be taken to achieve this digital premium and make a real difference to the lives of people and communities

The report identifies and explores four themes which are set to shape the future:

  • Place
  • Predictive technology and population health,
  • Security and wellbeing at home
  • New digital standards.

This report explores these issues in detail to shine a light on best practice examples and case studies, to highlight potential pitfalls for health, social care and housing organisations seeking to improve their digital suite, and to provide a series of key recommendations and questions that board members (and others) can ask themselves when trying to assess their digital positioning.

Andrew Corbett-Nolan, CEO of GGI, said: “Understanding the digital premium available to leadership teams across the health, housing and social care sectors is fundamental to excellent engagement with and support of citizens. This paper comes at an incredibly important time, as boards have the opportunity to use digital products with a new approach to support the move forward from the ongoing covid pandemic.”

Chris Dodd, CEO of Legrand Care, says: “I welcome this latest white paper from the GGI and fully support the premise that connecting digital ‘thinking and doing’ with good governance enables proper stewardship of public assets and the public interest, but in doing so we must continue to tackle the digital divide and ensure we bring all on this transformational journey. 

This connection grounds strategic digital issues in real accountability, not just in organisations but in new networks, systems and collaborations between organisations on which the future evolution of health, housing and social care depends.” 

Notes to editors

  • This report was created using methods including desktop research, interviews, roundtables with NHS and other key public, third sector and private organisations (both in the UK and internationally), alongside an editorial board made up of senior health, housing and social care leaders.
  • The Good Governance Institute exists to help create a fairer, better world. Our part in this is to support those who run the organisations that will affect how humanity uses resources, cares for the sick, educates future generations, develops our professionals, creates wealth, nurtures sporting excellence, inspires through the arts, communicates the news, ensures all have decent homes, transports people and goods, administers justice and the law, designs and introduces new technologies, produces and sells the food we eat - in short, all aspects of being human.
  • We work to make sure that organisations are run by the most talented, skilled and ethical leaders possible and work to build fair systems that consider all, use evidence, are guided by ethics and thereby take the best decisions. Good governance of all organisations, from the smallest charity to the greatest public institution, benefits society as a whole. It enables organisations to play their part in building a sustainable, better future for all.
  • Legrand Care is the global brand specialising in the innovative development of connected technology for the health, housing, and social care sectors. Designed with one primary objective: to improve people's lives. It was born from the integration of the brands that make up the Assisted Living and Healthcare (AL&HC) business unit of Legrand: Intervox, Tynetec, Aid Call, Jontek and Neat. This strategic union will focus its strengths with more than 40 years of knowledge and experience to allow the company to be stronger in the international market of connected care, taking advantage of synergies and improving the value of products and services to facilitate our mission to be the technological partner of choice for our clients, offering comprehensive and fully managed digital solutions that allow them to efficiently deploy improved care services. Which empower and help people live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives they want in the place of their choice.

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