7 June 2022 – Procurement and partnership for patients – Launch of key whitepaper

07 June 2022

The procurement and purchasing of the right services for UK citizens both locally and nationally is core to the success of the future of the NHS and its partners. By procuring in a thoughtful and integrated way, all organisations aligned with the new ICSs can have a positive and lasting impact on society.

This essential new whitepaper, launched today, provides insight for ICS board members, NHS and partner procurement leads on how procurement in ICSs can be embraced across public services in a smart and innovative way. Based on new ICS partnerships which enable collaboration and learning across sectors, we focus on practical ways to deliver excellent procurement.

It also gives insight into potential opportunities and routes into procurement for suppliers for health services across the NHS, new ICSs and integrated care boards (ICBs).

In summary, our findings indicate that there is a huge breadth and depth of opportunity for the procurement of services in new ICSs and ICBs. Here are a few key highlights:

  • There is an opportunity for ICSs to reconsider where services are delivered for patients. Working across the system, procuring ‘traditional’ MSK services in primary care instead of secondary care could reduce waiting times and improve patient pathways.
  • Digital systems offer a solution. ICS procurement should consider how digital products could save time for both patients and clinicians – by reducing travel time to appointments and increasing opportunities for digital triage and treatment.
  • Non-NHS providers, such as local authorities, have a wealth of experience in buying and delivering services for local populations. This expertise should be harnessed and utilised in all planning and decision-making.
  • Social value has been set as one of the core ICS and ICB partnership rules in the legislation. This is an opportunity for purchasers and sellers of services to reconsider whether what is being delivered provides social value at the level it should, to do the best for society and local communities while continuing to support the healthcare needs of the population.

Professor Andrew Corbett-Nolan, Chief Executive of the Good Governance Institute, said: “The new ICS legislation has been designed to drive more collaboration between providers. This key paper shows that ICBs and trust boards should see this as an opportunity to work more closely on everything, with the procurement and delivery of services at the centre of this.”

Simon Arnold, Chief Executive of Optima Health, said: “The timing of this procurement is ideal for ICSs and ICBs as they become statutory bodies from 1 July and new procurement approaches truly come into play. We think it’s especially prevalent that the paper shows the benefits that can be brought by using both data and patient engagement intelligently to manage co-morbidities can improve both delivery efficiency and patient outcomes.

Notes to editors:

  • Link to whitepaper
  • This report was created using methods including desktop research, interviews with NHS and other key public, third sector and private organisations.
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