29 April 2021 – Mental Health Network – governance during the COVID-19 pandemic webinar

29 April 2021

Overheard during this week’s webinar (during a conversation about service user engagement):

“I’ve been involved with my local trust as a service user, which has included reviewing their charity, producing a business plan, attending the IPS scheme with colleagues, being in interview panels, as well as serving on the MHN board. Being involved in the trust was a turning point in my recovery and gave me confidence, increased my self-esteem and gave me a chance to meet people and recognise the skills and expertise I have, as well as giving back to the services I have used. For a trust, it can be a key enabler for transforming how it works with people and communities, as well as helping to think differently and provide a fresh pair of eyes for services.”

“Getting it right it does require staff to focus on it and reflecting on where you are as an organisation and what your culture is like. It will be unique about how you engage and support service users in your area, and will be very dependent on the services you deliver and the communities you serve.”

“Empowerment and confidence building are crucial – as is the involvement of young people. The board involves a lot of younger people, which is important. Money is made available to the service user and carer council in order to support and empower them to take part. In our trust, we wouldn’t have a senior appointment made without a service or carer representative on the interview panel.”

“A challenge in our area is how you reach all the different types of people you serve. There are a huge range of services, from CAMHS to dementia, short-term acute needs to long-term community needs alongside forensic secure units. We have a range of involvement, including interview panels. It can be difficult, as really focused on building a culture which supports this type of engagement.”

“We have been looking at the population health data in our communities and have put pressure on the ICSs to consider how you get involvement beyond just mental health services. This should be on everyone’s agenda and could help amplify it and reach everyone. […] A system change could be the best way to ensure this is long lasting.”

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