The essential guide to provider collaboratives

06 April 2021

As part of system working, it is expected that most NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts will belong to one or more provider collaboratives. The drive for greater collaboration recognises that improving population health and wellbeing, and reducing inequalities, cannot be solved by any one organisation. The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the extent and prevalence of NHS providers working collaboratively with each other, and with other partners, locally at place and across systems. Provider collaboratives, however, go beyond ‘providers collaborating’ – they are governed arrangements designed to release very specific benefits as part of the NHS Integrated Care Systems (ICS) arrangements. This guide aims to:

  • Clarify what is meant by provider collaborative
  • Explain the benefits of provider collaboratives
  • Provide a ‘how to’ guide on how to set up/ join a provider collaborative
  • Highlight common pitfalls and success factors

Prepared by GGI Development and Research LLP for the Good Governance Institute.

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