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05 April 2023

By Consultant Daniel Taylor

All of England’s 42 integrated care systems (ICS) faced challenges in the run-up to their official launch on 1 July 2022, and in the 200 or so days since. This case study examines how one ICS addressed the many challenges it faced.

By GGI Director of Consultancy and Principal Consultant Mason Fitzgerald

GGI’s director of consultancy Mason Fitzgerald highlights how GGI can help ICBs to balance their focus in the year ahead

By GGI Director of Innovation and Principal Consultant Fenella McVey

Principal consultant Fenella McVey reflects on how integrated care boards are finding the time and resources to focus on prevention and the wider determinants of health while also coping with unprecedented challenge.

By GGI Principal Consultant Aidan Rave

Principal consultant Aidan Rave wonders whether there is strength to be drawn from the cultural differences between the NHS and local government.

By GGI Consultant Daniel Taylor and GGI Copywriter Martin Thomas

Building the kind of collaborative culture needed to make ICSs a success at a time of great challenge for the NHS will take time and focus – and trust.

By GGI Principal Consultant Simon Hall

Highlights of GGI’s response to former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt’s questions about the future of integrated care.

By GGI Consultant Daniel Taylor

GGI partnered with MaST Evolution – specialists in creating motivating, innovative methods of achieving change – to bring together our knowledge and areas of expertise with their skills and expertise to enhance how we can better support ICSs.

By GGI Director of Innovation and Principal Consultant Fenella McVey

GGI’s new ICS series of online discussions began with a session chaired by our principal consultant Fenella McVey, who led a conversation exploring the challenges and opportunities for engagement in integrated care systems.

By GGI Principal Consultant Aidan Rave

Principal Consultant Aidan Rave reflects on 24 hours of rich discussion at GGI’s Leaders’ Forum at Leeds Castle.

By GGI Principal Consultant Dr Amanda Harrison

GGI’s new board assurance prompt is designed to help integrated care boards ask the right questions in two key areas of responsibility.

Prepared by GGI Development and Research LLP for the Good Governance Institute.

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