Fenella McVey

Senior Consultant



Fenella joined the Good Governance Institute in 2021 and brings around 20 years’ experience both as a management consultant and in line roles, in the public as well as the private sectors.

She brings deep experience in strategic thinking – her work has included future world modelling, revising company competitive and customer frames of reference, creating new business models, and developing the organisational policies, processes, and structures to support strategic change.

She is a very experienced facilitator of board meetings and team working sessions. She has a long-standing interest in agile thinking and has recently qualified as a ‘scrum master.’ Much of her work has involved gathering the fact-base to support decisions including:

  • Creating organizational structures and understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Projecting trends and modelling scenarios
  • Mapping processes and understanding decision-drivers
  • Building financial models
  • Conducting audits and benchmarking against best practices
  • Commissioning and analysing qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research
  • Conducting stakeholder interviews
  • Conducting document reviews

Fenella started her career at Lawrence Somerset, a Booz.Allen spin off, before becoming European Strategy Manager at Bertelsmann. From there she went to Prophet, leading global teams, before becoming an independent expert consultant for 10 years.

Fenella has a Masters in Philosophy and Modern Languages from Oxford University. She is fluent in German and French and has a good working knowledge of Spanish.