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We will work with you to develop your engagement strategy in a way that supports your overall organisational goals, and ensures that no one is left out.

We will help you to build simple, creative messages for internal or external campaigns, supported by high quality design and original branding work that really gets your messages noticed.

With the support of our specialist in-house team, we will design, promote and deliver world-class face-to-face and digital events and training for you.

We offer advice on digital communication and social media – from website reach to the development of aligned messaging to engage with key audiences.

We work with specialist, local and national media to land your key narrative and spread the word.

We will turn your story into film, from storyboard, artwork and design, as well as filming and editing, helping you to get your message across in a new way that can be shared across multiple channels.

We will share our expertise on communication and engagement measurement – helping you to understand the nuances with quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

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"GGI has not only advised us for this huge creative arts project that has literally involved hundreds of people in the area over the three years we took to build it up but also, in the form of their brilliant design staff, have seriously re-vamped our marketing campaign, with beautiful new-look publicity graphics and a buzzing web-site. "

Jenny Miller


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We have commissioned the Good Governance Institute (GGI) several times and have been impressed with their growth in range and depth of expertise over the years. GGI stands out from other governance-centred consultancies in that they adopt a collaborative and tailored approach, show a real interest  in their client’s work and challenges, and are committed to the provision of tools and recommendations which will make a real and positive difference ...

John Sitzia

National Chief Operating Officer

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I have found GGI to be extremely well connected and a useful source of information and counsel with regard to negotiating one’s way through the complexities of the NHS. In addition, they have shown themselves to be flexible and capable of providing a broad range of services beyond that which their name alone suggests.

Joe Fielder

Chair of North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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Why is communication key to good governance?

Excellent communications is key to good governance. It means both being open and honest while also ensuring you are listening to the thoughts of your staff, stakeholders and citizens.

Communications should always be aligned with your organisational strategy and should allow staff members and stakeholders what their role is with any decision, project or task. It should inform, engage and be aligned with key value principles.

How do I communicate about governance?

Governance is often seen as complex. Good communications about governance should make it simple and accessible. Ultimately it is to help people do a good job and excellent governance should save people time.

Communicate with staff and stakeholders in a way which shows the use of good governance and how it will help people in their jobs.

How do I engage with staff about good governance?

People learn and take in information in different ways, so you should always consider using as many channels and approaches as possible.

Starting with a sold narrative about governance, which should be simple and accessible, your communications should be available in written form, film and image. Sharing it during live and interactive events is also key - to give colleagues the opportunity to respond and understand in more detail.

What does good internal communications look like?

Good internal communications is aligned with your organisational strategy. It should be engaging and provide opportunity for feedback and questions for staff - it should not be a one way street. It should allow conversation and dialogue.

As many channels should be used as possible to reach staff with different learning approaches - including staff events, film, written text and images. Good internal communications should mean a board is aligned with their staff and staff are aligned with the board.

How can I improve my internal communications and engagement?

To understand the success of internal communications you should engage with both the board and staff. Carry out qualitative and quantitative surveys and focus groups to find gaps in communications and engagement and use these to make improvements. Keep this relationship open and continuously review and adjust your internal communications to suit the needs of the organisation.

What does good stakeholder engagement look like?

Good stakeholder engagement is about building relationships. Have a strategy for stakeholders aligned with your organisational strategy to bring the right people on side. Always approach and engage with stakeholders when a decision is being taken that might affect them.

Work in partnership wherever possible to bring additional value to the communities served. Be open and transparent about decisions that are taken and why stakeholder voice has been taken into consideration or not.

To keep a relationship open ensure you have a person who is aligned with each stakeholder and they keep the conversation going even during times when there isn't specific work taking place with them.

How do I integrate community voices at board meetings?

You can integrate the community voice into board meetings in many ways, but the key is to ensure it is listened to and acted upon, not just present in the meeting itself. Where possible have a representative or champion within board meetings. Request that all papers coming through board have been checked with a community group in advance of the paper being raised. Ensure your board is diverse - bringing not just business expertise by lived experience of the communities and groups you serve.

How do I make sure we are listening to our staff?

Ensure that there are a variety of ways for staff to feed back into the organisation - all staff meetings with engagement points, feedback through leadership. Carry out regular surveys to ensure that staff feel listened to. Importantly, also show that you are listening - feed back from board meetings, explain why decisions have been made and demonstrate that the staff voice has been listened to even if the decision doesn't match feedback received.

What does a good creative communications campaign look like?

A creative communications campaign should look and feel unique while keeping the essence of the organisation it is being delivered for. It should be eye-catching and have a simple narrative to ensure the right message is being embedded. It should use a variety of mediums - words, film, images to grab attention. It should be measurable and should continuously be tested with improvements made where needed.

What do I need in place to deliver good communications?

You need a focused communications team who are closely aligned with organisational strategy and the board to deliver good communications. The approach can differ from organisation to organisation - depending on the strategic needs, size and approach. The key is to ensure all elements have been thought about - internal, external, stakeholders. And build relationships in all of these areas.

Does GGI offer communications reviews?

Yes, GGI offers full communications reviews. We have extensive experience in engaging with and understanding internal, external and stakeholder positioning and needs.

Can GGI deliver communications campaigns?

Yes, GGI has an in-house team of communications experts and creative professions to deliver communications campaigns. Our team includes experts in communications strategy, design, film, events, public relations, public affairs, media, internal communications and stakeholder communications.

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