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SallyAnn Hunting

Consultancy Director


SallyAnn specialises in strategic and operational planning, policy and program development and organisational change. She has significant experience in all aspects of governance including risk evaluation, stakeholder engagement, organisational development and building strategic capacity at board level.

SallyAnn’s work is underpinned by an approach which includes visioning, critical and systemic thinking, achieving high levels of participation, partnering across and within sectors and capacity building. She has worked successfully with clients across broad range of sectors including national government, local authorities, charities, education, the arts and business. SallyAnn understands that building staff, partner and sector capacity is essential to drive long-term impact and create sustainable, resilient organisations. Many of her engagements have involved the development of sector-specific, evidence-based tools to support the creation of public value, improved social cohesion and community wellbeing.

She has worked in the big four consultancies and also more boutique firms across a broad range of sectors including national governments, local authorities, charities, education, the arts and business.

As a chartered accountant with experience on boards, SallyAnn has strong, applied financial management, risk and governance skills. She is also an Associate at the Institute for Public Policy and Governance at the University of Technology Sydney.


SallyAnn Hunting