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Mark Large

Principal Consultant


Mark Large has recently joined the Good Governance Institute after 13 years as a CIO in the NHS and now an independent consultant.  Mark has worked to improve the digital maturity of organisations, playing a transformative role at trusts in multiple care settings.  In his career, Mark as lived by the mantra ‘Governance, Transparency and Communication’.  In so doing, he has sought to develop structures and operating methodologies that provide assurance and delivery with an open and transparent culture.  Mark was named in the CIO 100 list 4 years running, and elected Chair of the London Health CIO Council by his peers.

In a career spanning 40 years, Mark’s has been split between the private and public sectors.  In his early career, after a brief stint in the NHS, he worked for a range of software houses developing financial software packages before eventually specialising in large database performance and being recruited to Oracle Corporation where he spent over 8 years.  Starting as a performance specialist, Mark became known for building teams and collaborating across Oracle globally.  As a result, he quickly became a Senior Consulting Practice Manager in charge of Server Technology and then Technical Architecture consulting practices.  Latterly, Mark has been an independent consultant with customers ranging from Deloitte and IBM to individual NHS Trusts.

This broad and rich mix of experience gives Mark a wide range of insights.  Mark combines his respect for process with a pragmatic ‘can do’ approach and his leadership style to galvanise teams to deliver the best they can.  In his spare time, Mark enjoys amateur astronomy and listening to music


Mark Large