Laura Botea | Good Governance Institute

Laura Botea

Director of Corporate Affairs


Laura joined GGI in November 2014, and is GGI’s Director of Corporate Affairs. Her role includes working with GGI’s partner organisations in developing and delivering new services across the sectors, and producing collaborative work with GGI’s partners that builds upon GGI’s expanding body of knowledge.

Since joining GGI, Laura has worked on a number of projects within the healthcare and higher education sectors, including a clinical governance development programme focusing on serious incidents and complaints management and a council effectiveness review at a university. She has also lead on GGI’s governance development and review programmes in the Channel Islands.

Laura previously worked as an editorial intern for organisations in France and Romania, and volunteered with a number of children’s rights organisations within the third sector, including a project aimed at improving educational outcomes with Save the Children.

She completed her postgraduate studies in Social Policy (European & Comparative) at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014, where her research focused on the intermediation of public health interests in the European Union, the role of patient groups and public health interest groups in the policy-making process and stakeholder engagement. She previously completed her undergraduate degree in Modern European Studies from the University of Nottingham in Politics, Modern European History and French language and literature.



Laura has a keen interest in how technological innovations can offer opportunities to improve patient health and social care, and enjoys travelling, video production and photography in her spare time.

Laura Botea