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Jessica Lubin

Strategy Analyst


Jessica joined GGI in February 2019 and is the Strategy Analyst in the Strategy team. Her role includes providing project management and consultancy support across a portfolio of programmes with NHS and other health and housing organisations. Most recently, Jessica has co-authored a paper examining the opportunities and challenges of digital in the health, social care and housing sectors. In addition to her role as Strategy Analyst, Jessica is part of the Knowledge Management team, and has supported the development and implementation of the organisation’s Knowledge Management strategy, which aims to ensure the effective management storage and sharing of governance tools and resources.

Prior to joining GGI, Jessica worked on the frontline in health and social care. She managed a charity community service for stroke survivors and their carers, providing practical and advocacy support, and also ran a day centre for stroke survivors. In addition, Jessica has worked in social care as a domiciliary care worker and project manager, and has been employed as a qualitative research assistant across a range of health focused projects.

Jessica completed her Masters in Global Health and Development at University College London in 2019. Her modules included Qualitative Research and Power and Politics. Specifically, Jessica’s research focused on how engagement with a day centre stroke survivor influences the member’s mental wellbeing. Jessica also holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience from University of Nottingham.



In her spare time, Jessica likes to play 5-a-side football, participates in a book club and prefers cycling as a method of transport. She has a keen interest in community, patient empowerment and the social determinants of disease.

Jessica Lubin