Dr John Bullivant FCQI – GGI

Dr John Bullivant FCQI



John is our Founder and Chairman. He has published and lectured widely on governance, quality and benchmarking and is now focusing on consolidating our wide range of knowledge management materials within a single body of knowledge for governance. John has introduced many of our standard products including maturity matrices, board assurance prompts and our approach to risk appetite, governance between organisations, challenge and review. He has recently updated the seminal Integrated Governance Handbook ten years after its original launch by the Department of Health. John is a former VFM auditor, board director of a health authority, visiting fellow at the Open University Business School and the University of South Wales.

He was a member of the Health Ministers National Advisory Board in Wales, President of the quality network of the Royal Society of Medicine, a peer reviewer for Healthcare Inspectorate Wales, board secretary to the all industry Benchmarking Institute and an advisor to a number of business and professional organisations. He lives in South Wales.

Dr John Bullivant FCQI