What every healthcare director needs to know about patient safety

November 2015

Service quality and patient safety really matter. Healthcare is a high-risk industry and assuring the safety of patients must be the primary directive of all NHS boards. This means nurturing a patient-centred culture that facilitates continuous learning and improvement.


Board members must understand what constitutes good practice in both patient safety and governance terms and ensure that the culture, structures, systems and processes embedded within their respective NHS institutions are able to deliver safe and high quality care, consistently. This continues to be a challenge.

Both the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and Datix UK have been collaboratively involved in patient safety work for many years and have a long-term commitment to the issue. It is now five years since the publication of the previous report for healthcare board members on patient safety – “What every healthcare board needs to understand about patient safety”. This second report again aims to help existing and new board members understand what the key challenges are for boards on ensuring and improving safety for their patients

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Hilary Merrett

Hilary Merrett

Senior Associate